The Bane of Developers Existance : Experts-Exchange

Published On: Aug 13, 2009

Everyonce and a while I need a good rant. This is one that has been brewing for a long long time.

When I run into a problem that I generally can't solve immediatly I often search for a solution online. Thats the beauty of the internet, it's a collection of really great people work to solve problems. But there is nothing more frustrating than searching sites and coming time and time again to the same site. Normally this would be good becuase it allows you to find out who is the leader in this area. But there are a hand full of sites that when I mistakenly click on the link to their site from google that send fire into my veins.

Expert Exchange is a bullitin board that is a pay site for people to exchange infromation. If I remember the speil, the idea is that if people pay for the right to be a member of the board that they will care more about the people and everts that are going on there. The major problem is that I have no interest in being a member of their board. I remember back to a time before they were a paysite and all of the Aweful content that they had there. Most of the questions were genuine questions and the majority of the answers were pure drivel. But they have for a while managed to (i'm sure) sucker people into paying for membership to their boards, the way that they do it is what infurates me. When I search for the content they post the question and say 'if you want the answer become a member".

The final note out there is that there are alot og groups out there that really help to make programming easier find one that meets your needs and rock out with it. But if you aren't going to offer anything real, please for the love of god don't advertise junk to me.


Side note, thanks to Rick Stahl for all of his posts about using jQuery with WCF. While I desipise the use of javascript ( another rant for another time ) it was made sightly less painful by the fact there were so many good resources out there. So if you get a chance please check out his site.