Some Small Updates

Published On: May 28, 2019

So it’s been another really long time since I have done any updating of the site, but here is some of the latest. I will be going again this year to Nebraska.Code() and will be doing a talk on Encryption for Developers. The point of the talk is to go over some of the specifics of the topic that I really wish that someone else had given to me. Hopefully there will be some more fun information to keep things engaged and interesting.

I was also accepted to Prairie.Code() this year but unfortunately I won’t be able to attend because I was asked to speak at an internal engagement, and at the end of the day I have to make sure that the job is happy. But I will be trying again next year.

On the other side of the coin the new job has me busy, I’m on the road a good portion of the time talking with interesting groups of developers about how to make software more secure. Seattle, Portland, MSP, Pune, Romania, Texas, Iowa, Belgium, it feels like it’s been a blur, and in some ways I think that it still is blurring past me. There are so many things that come up when you talk about all of the training that I’ve been running in all of the places, but at the end of it I really am amazed by the nature of developers. You intrinsicly know that there have smart developers everywhere across the world, but when you have the opertunity to travel to meet them it’s amazing the connection that we have.

Addtionally, I have passed the testing protion of my CISSP, although I am still working on the experince part. It’s tough to get all of the people together in one place to make sure that all of the documentation is good. But all things in good time.

Hopefully more before we hit the 6 month mark. But hopefully at that point I will have some new infromation to share about a project.