Reflection on my own faith following a conversation with Paul

Published On: May 15, 2010

As I continue to grow I have interesting conversations with Paul, I am not an atheist. But I also shared very little in common with the people that he targets.  I worship the earth for it's cycles as a living being. One that has ways of it's own.  I believe that we are directly connected to it in a way that is deeply spiritual. I believe that there is a reason that human as an animal has attempted to break they cycle that appears everywhere in nature.  Our use of tools and weapons was our first step in attempting to control nature,  attempting to grasp our control over the world and elevate ourselves to the level of diety.  I feel that because we have forgotten where it is that we came from that we have transformed from a part of the Ecosystem into a cancer of it. Many now believe that the world is theirs to harness, control, and destroy. I believe in the duality of nature, found not only in the requirement of my species, but also throughout all of nature. As a species and as a collective we are interdependant not only in our own species, but on other species that require our interaction to continue. Offspring of our species cannot reproduce with our the components of both a healthy female and a healthy male. Becuase of the understanding of this connection it is a relationship that we have no oother ability but to accept as sacred. The requirement for us to secure our liniage is one that is almost universal, which is evident to the sacredness of this connection. The final portion of this is our connection to the spiritual, our connection to the world.  In some ways this is as simple as finding purpose in your life. But it is the personal connection that you share with yourself and your understanding of your role in relation to nature.  Taking the time to ponder your relation to the world is something both spiritual and rewarding. I believe that it is the role of humans to be the protector of our gods and to live in harmony with them.  We must stirive for conservation of life and protection of the planet that we live in as well as all of the species that rely on us, we are their keepers and gaurdians.  This I believe is why we were gifted with intellegance and perception beyond our own environment. I believe the the reconcilliation of these tasks will require the active attention of all of mankind.