Pluralsight IQ

Published On: Mar 7, 2018

For a long time I think it’s been difficult for me to prove where on the developer scale I am or a candidate that I am talking to is at relatively. This is the main problem that I’ve had with interviewing on both sides. The problem is that most of the assessments are too easy or don’t cover the depth that I would expect. The problem with this is that it ends up leading the interviewing process down the road of trying to figure out if the person on the other end of the phone is capable of doing their job, far more than the important question of if they are a good fit for the company. This lead me down the road of asking more analytical questions than questions relating to programming. My favorite question from this was asking a candidate to act as a consultant and tell me the factors that they would take into account to help me estimate the number of X items in a city.

I have been a subscriber to pluralsight for a long time, off and on through various companies and for a while paying for it on my own.