New Job and the Internet

Published On: Dec 15, 2017

So it’s been a long time since there has been an update.

Prairie.Code() 2017

I wanted to give a big thumbs up to everyone who came out to see me speak at this years prairie.code(). We had a good time talking about Application Security and the joys of softwareconsulting. To everyone out there who missed it this year, You should get on it… see you there next year.


After some heavy contemplation, I ended up leaving my position at BlueBolt, Inc. There comes a point where you realize that because of various forces that you are no longer offering the same level of value that you once were.

Since then I have taken up a developer position with some security tasks as part of my new position with 10-4, coming on about two and a half months into the job and I am finally starting to feel like I’ve got a better handle on the work that they are doing.

Net Neutrality

This one came down the pipe yesterday and the paint isn’t even really dry on this one, so I really can’t say that there is a whole lot to talk about but I am working on some things that might be helpful in the future fight. If you are interested you can find out more infromation here, as it will be better kept up to date.