I Love my Mac... but,

Published On: Feb 8, 2012

So let me start by saying that I love my mac.  I own two of them and there are a great many things that mac does so well that others really can't touch.  But, before you tune me out let me state very clearly that I am not a fan boy. Here's why... So for the last couple of years I have been working as a .net developer.  It wasn't where I originally saw my self, I loved linux and I loved the power of the console.  To this day I still install cygwin and force the prompt to green on black, but something happened in the last couple of years.  That's part of what I want to dig into in this post be warned I don't have a particular direction for this so it could go everywhere. The first thing that I wanted to use my mac for was development.  After all thats what I do for a living, this is where I hit my first snag.  I tried using xcode, I have studied many programming languages and to this day write code in c++ and dabble in ruby.  I found objective c so terse that I couldn't continue.  So I looked for alternatives to programming in x code... there really weren't any that I found. Directly following this I went looking for cross platform solutions for developing on mac. This lead to more heartbreak. In the end I was able to figure out what my problem was, and I honestly believe this.  Mac's are designed for users, not developers.  The IDEs seem to be very primitive and the languages for developing native code seem backwards, part of this I know is bias because I know C# and because I know C# I am inclined to use it as a bar to hold other applications to.  But after getting accoustomed to working with visual studio, which covers 90% of the functionality that a developer would need and the plug in support for it is astounding.  I couldn't live without CodeRush... The final part of this quasi rant is that I would like to have my eyes opened, are there any really good tutorials for developing applications on the mac using xcode or any other IDE... If so I would love to hear about them.  Do CodeRush type applications exist to make coding objective c more palatable? For the meantime it looks like I will be going back to working with mono. James