Every once and a while...

Published On: Apr 22, 2009

I managed to pull a bone headed move today.  I heard this morning that Rancid, Billy Talent, and Rise Against were playing a music festival together in Winnipeg.  Both Robbyn and I are fans of the three bands and the chance to do a summer music festival in a very mild climate seemed really apealing.  The biggest issue would be getting across the border, which we would have covered. The whole plan leave out Friday night find a hotel and drive the 13 hours to Winnipeg, camp in a space just outside the city then go into the city for the festival. Camp the next day and leave with enough time to make a leisurely trip home.  Seems perfect right. Small snag,  because I can't read a calendar I managed to get tickets on the exact weekend that we already had a trip planned.  So now I am left trying to figure out what I can to with two tickets purchased from Ticketmaster to a concert that is being held in another country.  I figure the worst case senario is that I eat the cost. But I would rather try to get at least a portion of my money back so I am trying to get in contact with the box office. All of this leads me to a point that was something that I really don't concider in this world that is getting increasingly small.  The internet has enabled me to purchase a ticket in a country where I would feel comfortable about going to a show but I realize now how little I know about how to get rid of the tickets now that I can't go.