Published On: Dec 20, 2011

[gallery] I had been fooling around with this idea for a long time, and I finally sat down and coded it.  The idea is simple, in the world of secret sharing you want to ensure that the fewest number of people have what is needed to expose the secret.  The problem is that in many cases when you hand over that information to a service or escrow you  have no idea if they are really keeping that infromation secure.  Classic example is that if you send email from one person to another the email, even though it may be sent across the wire using ssl, is more than likely sitting on the server in plain text. Even if it isn't there are ways for the administrator to expose the contents of the email box.  So how do you pass a message and make sure that everything is secure. You encrypt it on one end and decrypt it on the other end, without storing anything but the encrypted text on the server.  That's what encryptr does.  It takes a message typed in by the user and encrypts it using javascript then sends only the encrypted information to the server. The only part of the message that is identifiable in the server is the id which is used to look up the message. If you are interested in the project feel free to got to https://bitbucket.org/punkcoder/punkcoder.applications.encryptr