DEFCON 25 Wrap Up

Published On: Aug 7, 2017

Another DEFCON down and I am still trying to process all of the infromation, I love the confrence becuase everytime I go, I end up with more questions and more things to look into than when I went. Overall I would say that the theme of this years confrence was chaos, there were alot of improvements over the past couple of years, but everything seemed a little scattered. This year there was more than enough seating in all of the main tracks, however they were so far apart that you had a tendency to stick close to one of the tracks that had more of the talks that you wanted to see.

One of the better talks that I sat in on was the talk “The Brains Last Stand” which is already available here. But there were alot of other really good talks that I will try to track as they come online. But by far the winner was a talk on digital archeology… it was a great talk and I will try to link to it once it goes online.

I ended up getting into two of the workshops which were amazing and I really enjoyed the work that I got to do. I got a lot out of it, one of these years though I really need to dig deeper into the villages. For next year, I think I will only do one of the workshops if possible, it just ends up taking too much of the confrence time.

Bravo to all of the organizers putting everything together, you all do an amazing job year after year, getting the best confrence together with the most passionate people. I will see you all again next year.