Closing out the New Year

Published On: Dec 27, 2018

Yes. I know what it says, and I know that it’s technically incorrect, it should say that I am closing out the old year, but here is the thing. Things in my life have changed up so much in the last couple of months that I have a very hard time lining them up correctly. It feels like this year has been three years wrapped up into one. One for my time at 10-4, one in transition, and another figuring out what I am doing with the new one, combined with the changes in our family dynamic and the growth of my son.

I went from a job that I was very unsure about to an extension of that job to my parent company. I now get the chance to travel the world and help other developers learn about applciation security. Which is something that six months ago was beyond my thoughts. It also came with (and continues to supply an immense amount of) new stress. But in the course of this I have been to Romania, Belgium, and I am looking forward to India in the next couple of months. Every part of this has been surreal, I have been trying to make security a main part of my work for a very long time, it’s always been a part of it. But now I am looking at a situation where this is a part of my daily life.

This year I helped to get DC720 off the ground and hopefully in the new year there will be more skills and tasks that can be undertaken by the group.

As a final note, I’m never really sure who I am writing these posts to, in a lot of ways it feels very much like a message in the bottle. So if you are out there and you are reading this I hope you are well and that you get something of value from this.