Breakdown of the Social Order

Published On: May 6, 2009

So there are a couple of things that have really gotten to me lately about the Internet, and more specifically twitter. I was checking my tweete this morning when I was a message from @billgates asking what we thought of the RC. I responded without ever thinking about the implications. The thing is that even 10 years ago the though of getting asked a question by a multinational CEO would have invoked a serious thought check. But in the day of twitter and email I didn't even hesitate to answer. The reality is that he is just another person just like any other, but in the past I'm not sure that would have been how it felt.I'm not even sure that they person on the other site of the tweet is actually him. But somehow it seems that isn't important. What is even more intersting is the tweet I got from @tolstoyscat. It was a definition of anarchism. It said that there is no power differential, there are no bosses. For the most part I find it to be correct. I work out of a desire to have money, it's a contract between myself and my employee that comes with expectations on both sides. But, the last thing that I need is a boss, in most cases what people need is a leader. A boss is a poor substitute. So to bring this back around I think that it is interesting that we live in a time where the CEO ( I know he's retired, but you could just as easliy follow @stevebalmer ) is closer than ever. Maybe it will have an effect on responsible corporate behavior, it's an interesting time to be alive.