prairie.code 2016

About Prairie Code

“Prairie.Code() is a conference for you - the people who are passionate about creating and developing software, whether that means writing the code itself, designing the user interface and experience, managing the team and planning for a successful delivery of it, or designing the data storage layer for the application.

Prairie.Code() is a conference by people like you - we’re developers first and foremost. We only moonlight as the super-hero organizers who put on the area’s best and most content-rich conference. We know what’s hot and trending, and know who the experts are who can deliver great sessions on these topics.

You’re gonna love this!”


My Talks

Application Security in .NET

Thursday 11:00 AM, in Room 106

Everyone knows that you should check your parameters, and watch out for SQL injection, but is that really enough? If you have never had the opportunity to spend time hacking your own applications, you are really doing yourself a disservice. More than ever, the web is becoming an increasingly hostile environment, and because of it developers really need to step up their game. In this session we will go over some of the methodologies that we use internally to test applications, helping developers to think more strategically about designing applications for general security.


Enterprise Dependency Injection for Future Proofing Apps

Thursday 3:30 PM, in Room 101

There are some applications that we work on that last for a LONG time, development will go on for years and the software. Part of the session will focus on developing an architecture that will make dependency injection and IoC less painful, and the second part will go into implementation and benefits. In this discussion we will talk about patterns that can be used to help ensure the long-term health of your application and how to keep your application as flexible as possible to keep your application feeling young.


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