Digital Rights

I am including this section because sometimes it’s hard to find a good source to protect yourself. All the sources here are recommendations of their source, this is just acting as a collection of information.

The FCC Says you can’t block WIFI

The FCC Says your carrier has to Unlock your phone once your off contract

As it turns out you can’t block a wifi signal just because you don’t like the fact that others are offering wifi that may compete with your services.

Fight For the Future

Since 1992 we have seen a complete change in our society. A technology so amazing that it has managed to completely revolutionize the way that we all live our life. Realize that in this time it is possible for any person to take a class from MIT, Study to be a neroscientist, or become an expert on anything in the world. The Internet has become the great equalizer for human civilization. Because of this I feel that is absolutely necessary that we take every step to keep this as the level playing field that it is been. Included below are some of the links to organizations that are actively fighting to try and keep the Internet a free and open place.

Protect Yourself

There’re several technologies that exist that will allow you to protect yourself on the Internet. Be best recommendation that I can make for you is to learn how to use and understand the technologies listed below. If you need help understanding any of these technologies or if there is anything that you would like to better understand please do not hesitate to reach out to me and I will do my best to make it is clear as possible.